Talk with a 'Native' English Speaker from the UK/USA

Talk Talk Talk - Rates & Services

We believe our TALK TALK TALK - "Speak English With Confidence" rates and services are very competitive.  Our course fees are calculated on a time basis.   For example, we speak together for 1 hour - you pay for 1 hour.

Our courses can be reserved for a minimum of 10 Hours at a time.   Courses can be extended if required.   You can choose to learn: -

                         - Privately (1:1)
                         - Privately (1:2) with a friend
                         - In a Small Group of 3 people
                         - In a Small Group of 4 people

Teacher + 4 Students is the maximum number of people allowed in any class.

Our TALK TALK TALK - "Speak English With Confidence" service includes Pronunciation, Stress & Tone, Vocabulary, Grammar, Listening, Understanding and Helping You To Speak Clearly and Confidently.

There are no books or tests - this service allows for conversation and the chance to practise your English.

All of this is done at a very economical rate with easy payment options.   See our Fees section below: -


All Fees Quoted are GBP British Pound
£ Sterling

Private 1:1                 USD $20.00 per hour        (Payable By One Student Speaking Privately)
(Teacher + 1 Student)

Private 1:2                
USD $12.00 per hour        (Payable By Each Two Students Speaking Privately)
(Teacher + 2 Students)

Small Group (3)         
USD8.00 per hour        (Payable By Each Student in a Small Group of 3 People)
(Teacher + 3 Students)

Small Group (4)       
USD $   6.00 per hour        (Payable By Each Student in a Small Group of 4 People)
(Teacher + 4 Students)

COURSE HOURS            Private 1:1            Private 1:2            Small Group (3)            Small Group (4)
5 Hours (minimum)          USD $100.00          USD $60.00             USD $40.00                   USD $30.00

Please contact us for class availability - and say if you want to learn alone, or with a friend, or in a group.

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It is very easy to use PayPal to pay for your course.   Simply use your credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) or debit card as you would for any other online purchase.

Any person with an email address can use
PayPal to make payments.

Fees payable can be processed quickly and securely by using all major credit cards and debit cards accepted by

Choose which course you wish to attend and we will send you a PayPal Money Request requesting payment.  

Make your payment by following the simple
PayPal instructions.

As soon as payment is received, we will set up your account and you can 'Talk Talk Talk' with a 'native' English speaker. 

If you do NOT already have a  PayPal Account

Sign Up Now         It's Secure!         It's FREE!


(Don't worry, it's very easy!)

There are only 3 simple steps (it's not difficult at all) : -

   Contact 'Talk Talk Talk' and tell us when you wish to practise your English conversation (days / times).  
'Talk Talk Talk' will send you a PayPal Money Request for the cost of your course.

2)   Follow the simple instructions and make your payment to 'Talk Talk Talk' by using PayPal.

3)   Upon receipt of your payment - a) 'Talk Talk Talk' will contact you.
                                                 - b) 'Talk Talk Talk' will test that your account functions and works correctly.
                                                 - c) 'Talk Talk Talk' will arrange your course days and times accordingly.

THAT'S ALL YOU HAVE TO DO ...............................

............................................ now you can practise your speaking and 'TALK TALK TALK' !


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